Generally speaking, fishing is just the act of trying to catch fish from any type of body of water. However, if broken down to specific forms of fishing, things become a bit more complicated. For example, spearfishing is radically different from fly fishing, and sports fishing could not be less like commercial fishing. Just as there are many Amsterdam Top Sightseeing spots, so are there many ways to fish.

If you are interested to learn more about the many different types of fishing, they are easy enough to identify. They might increase in number in terms of specifics, but you can usually reduce the types you need to bother yourself with if you stick to the broader differences. This time, defining factor is with regards to hobby fishing.


Angling is the general term that involves using a hook, a line, a rod, a sinker, and a lure. This is the most common type of hobby fishing category that you will find and it can be done in many ways. Some do it by standing on the bank of a river or a lake. Others do it while sitting in a boat.

The choice depends a lot on the condition, the location, and your preference. You can even do it while going on a tour that you got using offers & discounts since there are plenty of bodies of water in that location.  You can check out many coupons available online.  Many people use the Lazada voucher for cash on delivery to get more out of what is being offered.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is basically at the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to catching fish. Instead of sea bass or pike, those who get involved in this kind of activity go after the biggest marine beasts the ocean has to offer. These include marlins, which can be quite vicious in how they resist capture. Anyone who has ever seen videos of these kinds of battles will know that it can go on for a long time.

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Finally, there is spearfishing, which involves using an instrument that shoots a short, long projectile meant to impale fish and then reel them in. It involves diving down into the water and requires good aim, but it can be quite exhilarating.  This is the best experience – the most captured and documented one.

If you happen to have a website, spear fishing is one of the picture-perfect activity to be shared online, be prepared for the massive targeted traffic guaranteed to flock to your site as many people will love and share your photos anyway.